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Wikipedia defines Ephemera as: (singular: ephemeron) any transitory written or printed matter not meant to be retained or preserved. The word derives from the Greek, meaning things lasting no more than a day. Some collectible ephemera are advertising trade cards,airsickness bags, bookmarks, catalogues,greeting cards, letters, pamphlets, postcards, posters, prospectuses, stock certificates, tickets and zines.
  • About 9 Miles of Ephemera & Antiques
     9 Miles of Ephemera & Antiques has its source in cdavid’s passion for collecting & celebrating the pieces of our shared past. We used to have more of a personal contact and connection with the things we used everyday. From the tools we made for a particular task to the handwritten notes we jotted in journals, ledgers and notepads, our hands were in more direct contact with our daily life activities. Because of this there is a resonance, a story that resides in all vintage objects and ephemera which gives them a special presence today. 
     Whether you consider yourself a collector or simply enjoy the look and feel of antique items handed down through your family, you have probably felt this inherent essence that the vintage item possesses. 
9 Miles of Ephemera & Antiques is a source for investigating this essence. We provide 
  • Original articles
  • Links to news articles from the world of antiques, ephemera, and collectibles
  • Source material for historical research 
  • The calendar,  listing of antique and ephemera shows around the United States.
  • New this year is an interactive page that allows users to find answers to the background, value and story of their antiques and ephemera pieces. 
Tap into cdavid’s 20 plus years of collecting knowledge and connections to find out more about your family heirlooms and collections by sending in your questions and photos.
  • About cdavid
A Property Master for Film, TV, & Theatre by trade. A found object sculptor by passion. A lover and collector of a lot of vintage things, by obsession. Trying desperately not to become one of the stars of “Hoarders.”

     I moved to the Northwest from Philadelphia, PA in 2005 and have lived since in Nine Mile Falls, WA. I am now based in Portland, Oregon. In 2012 I transferred the bulk of my collections to Portland. For me as a Prop guy, and as an amateur historian, ephemera helps to tell our collective story in a supremely tangible way. There is nothing like the feel, smell and look of old paper. Simply holding a piece can take you on a journey you never thought possible.

      As a Prop Master I have had the pleasure of visiting all kinds of cool antique stores, online vendors, and private sellers in my quest for props for particular projects. While at these various vintage outposts, I usually come across something for my own collection. I hope you will enjoy sharing my finds I have made along the way as well as hearing about new discoveries, my favorite vendors, craft ideas for ephemera and more.

    Please let me know if you are looking for something particular in the world of Ephemera or Antiques and I will do my best to help find it for you. I have developed a wide network of sources in my 20 plus years of searching & am happy to share these connections with you.



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4 thoughts on “The 9 Miles Story”

    1. I tried responding before, but not sure if you got my message. I am very interested in seeing what you have available.
      Shoot me an email with photos or a link to your website. Cheers, cd

  1. Sorry for not checking for your response sooner. As for photos, it would take weeks to cover the collection. Most of the collection is in boxes and loose leaf books, if it would be convenient for you to call call me I would be available to answer any questions you might have.

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