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A Property Master for Film, TV, & Theatre by trade. A found object sculptor by passion. A lover and collector of a lot of vintage things, by obsession. Trying desperately not to become one of the stars of “Hoarders.”

Vintage Baltimore

When I found this Atlas of Baltimore County, it was buried under a pile of newspapers in a box lot.
The cover looked disappointing, but then I opened the pages to find all of the interior was beautifully preserved.
There are over 80 pages of maps, etchings, and data sheets on the County.
The maps include:
City of Baltimore
13, two page maps of the Districts
County of Baltimore two page map
State of Maryland
Eastern & Western Hemisphere Maps
United States & Territories Map (2 pages)
Plus 3 “Views” pages with drawings of:
T Flory & Cost Carriage Manufactory
Goshen Property of Benjamin I. Gardensville
German Lutheran Church of Gardensville

The data sheets (on the District pages) are great for those interested in genealogy as they have lists which include the names and occupations of prominent business owners in the area at the time of printing.
As opening fodder for the blog I am going to re-post a few of my favorites from my previous website.

The Atlas is available for sale as a whole or you may purchase individual, prints on high quality, acid free paper or canvas. Please contact me for more info on ordering or visit here to see the full atlas.

1877 Atlas Of Baltimore County
1877 Atlas Of Baltimore County

Baltimore Atlas 20100513_0020

Baltimore Atlas 20100513_0021

Baltimore Atlas 20100513_0022

Don’t Chuck it Out Til You Contact Me!

We buy all kinds of vintage photography, paper documents (ephemera), postcards & old books. Whether you are selling a personal collection, inherited items or need assistance in handling the estate of a relative, 9 Miles of Ephemera and Vintage will provide experienced & professional service. We are willing to travel to your location or simply bring items to the shop.

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Don’t throw anything away!

I collect every possible format of photography, including b&w & color family SNAPSHOTS, from photography’s inception to the 1980s, erotic images, both male & female, family photo ALBUMS, real photo postcards, military photo albums, especially WWII & vietnam, old TRAVEL albums to locations such as Asia, Africa & the Middle East, SLIDES, vocational photography, such as medical, dental, industrial or police MUG SHOTS & crime photos, X-Rays, 8 & 16mm FILM REELS,  etc.

I specialize in collectible books with strong visual content, especially quality titles on PHOTOGRAPHY,  art, architecture & DESIGN. Other interests include old illustrated CHILDREN’S BOOKS, Nature books, and Vintage Medical Books . In short, my reading & collecting interests are diverse; I’ll gladly take a look at any book that is old, RARE or otherwise unique. We are willing to travel to take a look at large collections.    

Ephemera is a catch-all word for the incidental paper items that people have used on a daily basis throughout history. I collect postcards, pamphlets, old LETTERS, journals & diaries, menus, business ledgers & INVOICES, travel brochures, trade CATALOGS, instruction manuals, event programs, train tickets, POSTERS, broadsides, recipe booklets, scrapbooks, AMATEUR ART, greeting cards, children’s drawings & SCHOOLWORK, valentines, etc. The list goes on  & on. As a general rule, don’t throw anything away until we’ve had a chance to look at it first.

From road maps to atlases to surveyor maps to pocket travel maps….I want to see them all!!
I am mainly interested in pre-1900 era maps, but will look at anything you have. Send photos to us and we can discuss pricing.