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The Obsessively Detailed Map of American Literature’s Most Epic Road Trips | Atlas Obscura

Source: The Obsessively Detailed Map of American Literature’s Most Epic Road Trips | Atlas Obscura


Atlas Obscura's Guide To Literary Road Trips

Take a little spin round the USA through eyes of Atlas Obscura’s Literary Road Trip map.

Only one of the many amazingly curious things t see on this great website of world wide oddities and amazing places.

My vacation planning now starts at this site!

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Source: 9 MILES OF EPHEMERA & ANTIQUES by 9MilesOfWonder on Etsy


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The Caren Archives


Next month there will be an important auction held at Bonhams in New York. Make sure to check out the online catalog for this amazing auction here

Items are from the 1400s to the present, including an incredible selection of early maps of the Americas.

Here is a some of the history of the Caren Archives pulled from their website:

The Caren Archive is the most significant private collection of rare newspapers and broadsides in the United States. The Archive contains an incredible array of original and historic newspapers, periodicals, manuscripts and photographs — literally documenting how history unfolded on paper. If you’re considering purchasing or selling items relating to major events from the 16th century through the 21st, The Caren Archive is the best place to start.

Eric C. Caren, proprietor of The Archive, began collecting baseball cards, stamps, coins and more when he was 5 years old. At age 11, he discovered some newspapers in an abandoned house and the rest is history.

After graduating from University of Maryland with a business degree, he directed a rare newspaper gallery in London at the then newly opened Covent Garden Market. Upon returning to the U.S. in 1983, Caren founded The Caren Archive and has been a full-time dealer in historical collectibles ever since. In 2001, the <a href="">Newseum</a> in Washington, DC, acquired more than 30,000 historic newspapers from The Caren Archive to build the majority of its permanent collection and feature exhibit.

To this day, Caren is still as passionate a collector as ever.

Eric C. Caren
P.O. Box 185
Lincolndale, NY 10540
914 772 8212

Caren Archive Licensing and Some Highlights of The Archive:

The Caren Archive begun in the 1960’s as a hobby is now acknowledged as one of the largest and most important private archives of original and rare newspapers, manuscripts, photographs, posters, broadsides, postcards, ephemera, etc.


Over one million items containing millions of images and important content dating back to the dawn of printing and coming right through the Computer Age is to be found in our holdings. We are currently licensing material to select companies who are looking for historical and artistic imagery relating to almost every major event, person and genre conceivable. Many of the items in the archive are not available anywhere else including some of the major institutions throughout the nation! If you are looking to expand your product line or have a new product line and want to incorporate The Caren Archive brand into that line, please email us or call 914-248-8038. See list at right to get an idea of the range and quality of some of our holdings of original materials.<>

Texana Signature Auction to be held March 15 in Dallas

This looks like another fabulous auction from Heritage Auctions.
On of my favorite lots is the Archive of Letters of a Texas Confederate Cavalryman, all dated between January 15, 1858, and August 30, 1866. Most of the letters are between Confederate cavalryman William S. Chapman of the 1st Texas Partisan Rangers (30th Texas Cavalry Regiment), Co. “F”, and his wife, Elizabeth, who remained at their home in Belton, Texas, during the Civil War with their three young children. Nearly fifty-five letters between the young couple are included-thirty-five are written by Elizabeth and the remaining by William. The young Civil War soldier wrote mostly of his service in Indian Territory, where he served a time under Colonel Douglas Cooper, commander of the 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Confederate Rifles. Also included in this archive are over fifteen letters-most war-dated-between Chapman family members, some with envelopes. In all, this frank and revealing archive contains near seventy letters.

David Boozer provides a nice synopsis of the other highlighted offerings for Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions’ Texana Signature Auction #6109 is only days away. Already, several lots have received an abundance of attention, such as the Jacob de Cordova 1849 Map of Texas.

A First Edition, Unrestored Copy of Jacob De Cordova's 1849 Map of Texas in Original Condition
A First Edition, Unrestored Copy of Jacob De Cordova’s 1849 Map of Texas in Original Condition

It’s beautiful, rare, and important — “the most correct and authentic map of Texas ever compiled,” Sam Houston once told the U.S. Senate. Another lot, this 1892 Texas Volunteer Guard medal, is one of the most viewed webpages from this auction. Produced from 10k and 14k pink and yellow gold weighing 41.9 grams, it’s no wonder.

Other lots in this auction tell great stories, either visually or through text. For example, behind this photograph of the 1913 Terry’s Texas Rangers reunion is likely an interesting tale about Confederate veterans because right in the middle of this group of gray-bearded Confederate vets is a black member.

1913 Terry's Texas Ranger reunion
1913 Terry’s Texas Ranger reunion

Our research didn’t turn up his identity, but maybe your own research can. Another example is the Mexican War diary of Sgt. George Myers, who served in Samuel Walker’s U.S. Mounted Rifles. Myers began his 179-page odyssey when he enlisted in February 1847, and ended when he arrived back on U.S. soil after a year fighting in Mexico. Along the way he witnessed the death of Captain Walker, including his account of the death of his beloved commander in this diary. This is truly riveting historical reading.

Still other lots make up the marrow—the nitty-gritty—of this auction. These are the kinds of lots we so often expect to find, like the 1836 Texian loan certificate signed by Stephen F. Austin. These loans were issued by the provisional government of Texas during the Texas Revolution to raise much-needed money for the cause. Another example is the 1838 Republic of Texas oath of allegiance declaring that Thomas Wilkins “did not aid or assist the enemy.” Lots like these aren’t mundane by any standard, but they are representative of documents that kept Texas functioning as a republic and then a state.

Of course there is much more. You can preview all lots on March 13-14 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM at 3500 Maple Avenue in Dallas. But if you’re impatient and can’t wait, preview right from our website, 24 hours a day, where you can explore images, read descriptions, and place bids. The auction will be held in Dallas on the first floor of 3500 Maple Avenue. The Signature Floor Session 1 will take begin at 11:00 AM CT, and the Signature Internet Session 2 (HERITAGE Live!, Internet, fax, and Mail only) will begin at 2:00 PM CT. Happy bidding!

Book Lovers Will Adore These Neat New Maps – Emily Badger – The Atlantic Cities

The Book Globe Map Project

Book Lovers Will Adore These Neat New Maps – Emily Badger – The Atlantic Cities.

Check out this article on some new mapping projects that combine the loves of reading and cartography.

Now with these projects you can plan your reading around your trip by checking out the fiction or non-fiction works that was either written or set in a particular location!

Follow the link below and enjoy a Fall trip through the pages of your choosing.

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