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Coconut Grove Theatre
Irreplaceable Playbills, Costumes And Ephemera Rescued From Coconut Grove | Florida Theater On Stage


Read how the Playbills and other Ephemera, costumes and props were saved from rotting in storage. Can’t wait to see the results of the restoration process.

Irreplaceable Playbills, Costumes And Ephemera Rescued From Coconut Grove

via Irreplaceable Playbills, Costumes And Ephemera Rescued From Coconut Grove | Florida Theater On Stage.

9 Miles Of Wonder Sale Extended & Improved on Etsy


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9 Miles Of Wonder on Etsy

Emphemera, Ephemeris, Ephemeral….


The definition of Ephemera comes from the Greek ‘epi’ (about) and ‘hemeris’ (day). Basically the “stuff about the day.” Ephemera is pronounced ‘efem’mera’ . The contempory definition of ephemera is, ‘something short lived or transitory’ especially all types of paper documents both printed or handwritten produced for a specific purpose and normally intended for disposal.

Paper Ephemera has been well documented in John Lewis’ 1962 book, ‘Printed Ephemera’, (the 20th century Bible of Ephemera) where John documents Ephemera from as early as the 16th century to present times.

Printed Ephemera by John Lewis

Ephemera is a relatively new area of collecting, and the definition is still under some discussion. The current generally accepted definition is the collecting of any man made paper object that is created with no intention of permanence. If it is made of paper, and most people would throw it away after use, then it is ephemera. Examples include magazines, newspapers, comics, certificates, old maps, old letters,sports cards, postcards, & even photographs.

It was Maurice Rickards who first articulated the definition now accepted by ephemerists the world over as: “the minor transient documents of everyday life.” And more than ever today, ephemera is being used by amateur and professional genealogists as a major tool in researching family histories.

You never know where those notes, scribbles, to”to-do” lists will end up someday.

More about Maurice Rickards

William Blake Treasures Discovered


Researchers at the University of Manchester’s John Rylands Library have stumbled upon a treasure trove of works by poet and artist William Blake.

After two years work the students, overseen by Blake expert and Manchester university art historian Colin Todd, found about 350 engraved plates designed by Blake in the collection.

The library has held works by Blake including hand-coloured illustrations of Young’s Nights Thoughts, but the team suspected more were hidden in the collection of a million books and records.Blake+4

John Rylands library archivist Stella Halkyard said: “The students had some specialist training in identifying prints from David Morris at the Whitworth Art Gallery before hunting through the collection. They found out we actually had a huge number of commercial engravings by Blake.”

Many will go on show at the library next month. Blake, who was born in 1757 and died in 1827, was largely unrecognized in his lifetime but would later be considered one of the most important poets of the Romantic period.

Howard Pyle’s Chromolithographs From THE PILGRIMAGE OF TRUTH, Harper’s Magazine, 1900

Title Art from The Pilgrimage of Truth
Title Art from The Pilgrimage of Truth
Truth Leaves The Fairies Wonderland
Truth Leaves The Fairies Wonderland

Wonderfully illustrated story of The Pilgrimage of Truth from the December issue of Harper’s Magazine, 1900.

The chromolithograph illustrations of Howard Pyle an illuminated manuscript feel while echoing the art deco period of their creation. Howard Pyle (March 5, 1853 – November 9, 1911) was an American illustrator and author, primarily of books for young people. A native of Wilmington, Delaware, he spent the last year of his life in Florence, Italy. Famous for his Book Of Pirates, 1921 and The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood his work is classic.

Prints may be found at 9 Miles Of Wonder on Etsy

Story page
Story page

Wonderful illuminated letters
Wonderful illuminated letters

The King & Truth in the Night
The King & Truth in the Night

Truth In The Temple
Truth In The Temple

Truth Before The King
Truth Before The King

Truth Before The Seer
Truth Before The Seer

Truth In The Fools Lodge
Truth In The Fools Lodge

Truth Went On Her Way Alone
Truth Went On Her Way Alone

Page 2 Illuminated T & litho Truth Knocks at the door

Page 8 Illustration and text

Page 9 Illuminated B & Text

Page 11 Illuminated O and text

Page 13 Illuminated H & text

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