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Texana Signature Auction to be held March 15 in Dallas

This looks like another fabulous auction from Heritage Auctions.
On of my favorite lots is the Archive of Letters of a Texas Confederate Cavalryman, all dated between January 15, 1858, and August 30, 1866. Most of the letters are between Confederate cavalryman William S. Chapman of the 1st Texas Partisan Rangers (30th Texas Cavalry Regiment), Co. “F”, and his wife, Elizabeth, who remained at their home in Belton, Texas, during the Civil War with their three young children. Nearly fifty-five letters between the young couple are included-thirty-five are written by Elizabeth and the remaining by William. The young Civil War soldier wrote mostly of his service in Indian Territory, where he served a time under Colonel Douglas Cooper, commander of the 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Confederate Rifles. Also included in this archive are over fifteen letters-most war-dated-between Chapman family members, some with envelopes. In all, this frank and revealing archive contains near seventy letters.

David Boozer provides a nice synopsis of the other highlighted offerings for Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions’ Texana Signature Auction #6109 is only days away. Already, several lots have received an abundance of attention, such as the Jacob de Cordova 1849 Map of Texas.

A First Edition, Unrestored Copy of Jacob De Cordova's 1849 Map of Texas in Original Condition
A First Edition, Unrestored Copy of Jacob De Cordova’s 1849 Map of Texas in Original Condition

It’s beautiful, rare, and important — “the most correct and authentic map of Texas ever compiled,” Sam Houston once told the U.S. Senate. Another lot, this 1892 Texas Volunteer Guard medal, is one of the most viewed webpages from this auction. Produced from 10k and 14k pink and yellow gold weighing 41.9 grams, it’s no wonder.

Other lots in this auction tell great stories, either visually or through text. For example, behind this photograph of the 1913 Terry’s Texas Rangers reunion is likely an interesting tale about Confederate veterans because right in the middle of this group of gray-bearded Confederate vets is a black member.

1913 Terry's Texas Ranger reunion
1913 Terry’s Texas Ranger reunion

Our research didn’t turn up his identity, but maybe your own research can. Another example is the Mexican War diary of Sgt. George Myers, who served in Samuel Walker’s U.S. Mounted Rifles. Myers began his 179-page odyssey when he enlisted in February 1847, and ended when he arrived back on U.S. soil after a year fighting in Mexico. Along the way he witnessed the death of Captain Walker, including his account of the death of his beloved commander in this diary. This is truly riveting historical reading.

Still other lots make up the marrow—the nitty-gritty—of this auction. These are the kinds of lots we so often expect to find, like the 1836 Texian loan certificate signed by Stephen F. Austin. These loans were issued by the provisional government of Texas during the Texas Revolution to raise much-needed money for the cause. Another example is the 1838 Republic of Texas oath of allegiance declaring that Thomas Wilkins “did not aid or assist the enemy.” Lots like these aren’t mundane by any standard, but they are representative of documents that kept Texas functioning as a republic and then a state.

Of course there is much more. You can preview all lots on March 13-14 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM at 3500 Maple Avenue in Dallas. But if you’re impatient and can’t wait, preview right from our website, 24 hours a day, where you can explore images, read descriptions, and place bids. The auction will be held in Dallas on the first floor of 3500 Maple Avenue. The Signature Floor Session 1 will take begin at 11:00 AM CT, and the Signature Internet Session 2 (HERITAGE Live!, Internet, fax, and Mail only) will begin at 2:00 PM CT. Happy bidding!

Ephemera/34 Conference & Paper Show March 14-16, 2014

2014 Ephemera Conference

The Ephemera Society of America

(ESA) will be holding its annual three-day conference and fair at Old Greenwich, CT. in mid-March 2014, devoted to sharing and exploring various aspects of ephemera, and to buying ephemera to add to or to start collections. The first day, Friday, is devoted to presentations of papers with a specific theme and to exhibits and book signings by some of our published members and speakers. Saturday and Sunday feature a two-day ephemera fair with dealers from around the world and member forums on Sunday before the fair.

The theme for the conference is “Field to Table: The Ephemera of Food and Drink.”Our essential connection to what the earth produces, and how these sustain us is at the core of our lives. Each step of the process from the field to the table represents a different aspect of our society and its values. The ephemera of food and drink illustrates the different points of view of that story, reflecting how our society has evolved. This narrative includes survival, culinary achievement, hard work, the aesthetics of food and table presentation, balance, culture, health, satisfaction and commerce. What drives us? Our needs and initiatives, the creativity of our inventions and discoveries, our passions and resources are all involved in getting things from the field to the table. Ephemera helps us follow and understand the evolution of these comestibles and potables.

More info to be found at: Ephemera Society Of America website

Important Upcoming Auction The Maude Ballou Papers: Martin Luther King’s Handwritten Notes, Writings And Correspondence Among Important Civil Rights Era History

20130918-141610.jpgMartin Luther King, Jr., Autograph Letter Twice Signed.

An unprecedented trove of material relating to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the most famous and influential name in America’s storied Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s — including King’s handwritten notes on eight cards containing the outline of his famed “Dexter Avenue Church Farewell Address,” circa 1960 — will be offered on Oct. 17 as part of Heritage Auctions’ Signature® Historical Manuscripts event in New York.

The material, more than 100 artifacts in all, are coming to auction after more than half a century in the loving possession of 87-year-old Maude Ballou, Martin Luther King Jr.’s close friend and personal secretary.

“The Ballou material provides a ground-level perspective of the civil rights struggle,” says Sandra Palomino, Director of Historical Manuscripts at Heritage Auctions. “The collection brings to light the courage and strength of all its participants. This material, available for the very first time, is unprecedented and illustrates the role of the church and the Reverend King’s leadership.”

[Martin Luther King, Jr.]. Final Page of the Original “I Have a Dream” Speech with Original Transmittal Note Dated Two Months Before Dr. King’s Death.

As a child growing up in the South during the 1960s, Howard Ballou, Maude’s son, was privileged to witness history. He was just a boy at the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement.
“When Dr. King was elected to lead the Montgomery Improvement Association, which led to the Montgomery bus boycott, he asked mom to come work with him,” said Howard, 59, a TV news anchor in Jackson, Miss. “She was working at the time for a local radio station. She had a business degree from Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA. She was a great organizer. She got things done. Of course, this was the boycott that changed the world.”

Maude Ballou later helped Dr. King establish his office at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Mrs. Ballou moved with King to Atlanta, living with the King family for several months, ensuring a smooth transition before King had time to hire a new secretary.

As King’s secretary, Ballou handled his schedule, wrote letters on his behalf, and received correspondence from King and other civil rights leaders.





“Maude Ballou communicated with all the great leaders of the day,” said Palomino. “Rosa Parks, Adam Clayton Powell, Ralph Abernethy, Wyatt Tee Walker, you name it. She worked closely with Dr. King in all of his writing and editing.”

“These are treasures from my mom’s years at the beginning of the civil rights movement,” said Howard. “My mother has finally decided that, after half a century safeguarding this material, and Dr. King’s legacy, she wants to share these items with the public. It’s time for them to be appreciated by others as much as we’ve appreciated them.”

Heritage Auctions will be donating a portion of its proceeds from the auction of The Ballou Papers to Alabama State University.

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