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How Ephemera Changed Capitalism in 19th Century In America

Or, more specifically: How a 19th Century organ manufacturer exploited paper advertising to fuel the engine of commerce.

From THE COMMONS (Windham County, Vermont) we learn of a great event happening this weekend:

“The Estey Company, along with thousands of other 19th century companies, was both a part of, and the epitome of, the driving force determining the personality and being of the United States: American Capitalism. By exploring the Estey product and its place in the American home, we find an example of how early American Capitalism worked.”

Estey Organ Museum sponsors a talk with Kit Barry titled “The Estey Organ — Its Place in the Emergence of American Capitalism” at its Engine House Gallery, 108 Birge St., this Sunday, June 29, at 3 p.m.

Kit Barry, is curator of the Ephemera Archive for American Studies in Brattleboro and has been collecting ephemera since he was a teenager.

Read more about the event and the history of Estey Organ Company by following the link below.

Welcome to THE COMMONS — News and Views for Windham County, Vermont.

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Here is another article featuring paper dolls that Estey distributed as advertising. “Estey Organ Company: Advertising Paper Dolls”

Dolls Of America And Her New Possessions: Cuba doll

Cuba Doll Verso

Estey Cuba Doll Interior