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If your club, organization or business is sponsoring an upcoming ephemera, stamp, postcard or general antique show, be sure that it is listed on our “9 Miles of Ephemera Shows Calendar” or our “9 Miles of Antiques Shows Calendar.”

Unlike printed ads and flyers, our show calendars are accessible to internet users around the world, 24 hours a day.

The first ad placement is free. Subsequent ads are very affordable starting at only $2 per show.
If you sponsor more than three shows per year, you’ll get an even lower rate of $1.00 per show for 3 shows with the 4th show listing for free. This also follows if you would like your show(s) listed in both the “9 Miles of Ephemera Shows Calendar” and our “9 Miles of Antiques Shows Calendar.”

We’ll post your ad within 48 hours of our receipt of your order, and it will remain on the calendar until after the date of your show has passed. It doesn’t matter whether your show is next month or a year from now, you pay one flat rate for the listing.

Your listing will be displayed in chronological order (by show date) with the other listings, in a standard format. You needn’t worry about someone else’s ad being bigger or receiving better placement.

If you have planned two or more upcoming shows, you may submit the information and payment for all such shows at one time. We’ll list them all within 48 hours of the receipt of your order, so that you can get the maximum benefit from the listings.

To have your show listed on the either of our calendars please fill out the following contact form:

Also if you have a graphic to add to your show announcement please send this along to

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