Maintain The Free Flow Of Information On The Internet


Today websites all across the country will be posting messages to stop the FCC from allowing the likes of Comcast and Time Warner to slow down our internet.
The internet has become part of our Commons, our shared communal space.
Small businesses depend on it for customers.
Families depend on it for information for daily life.
Artists, Writers, and Educators use it to share the ideas that can change our world.

You might know that the Federal Communications Commission is proposing new rules to allow Internet providers to discriminate based on content to provide separate and unequal connection speeds, effectively creating “fast” and “slow” lanes for the Internet. This means that website owners and entrepreneurs like myself may be forced to pay an arbitrary fee to ISPs like Comcast and Time Warner if I want you, my visitors to be able to access your website at regular speeds – or at all.

This is a big issue. ISPs want to extort money from websites they deem profitable enough to pay them extra. We must convince the FCC that this is a terrible idea.

#StopTheSlowLane is an initiative to raise awareness about this issue.

If you care about the free flow of information then please follow this link and make your voice heard to your member of Congress.

If you have a website please follow the link and put up the message on your site.

Together we can maintain our claim on our Online Commons!